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Every album project has a story.

So, here is one more.



“Sweet Georgia Brown”

A tune will show you where it wants to go, at least according to the late Bob Brookmeyer, an old family friend. This one led me from avant-garde to dixieland to the Charleston to just plan old swingin’.

“Unemployed Floyd”

A good friend of mine, Jon Marquart, who passed away way too soon and to whom this chart is dedicated, used to regale me with stories of his days at Hollywood High as we ate lunch together on the Paramount lot. One of those stories was about his buddy, Floyd, who couldn’t hold a job. His nickname? You got it.

“Samba Do and Samba Don’t”

Sometimes I just can’t get an idea out of my head. And when that happens I write it down to get rid of it. The result this time is a samba in phrygian mode.

“One Toke Over the Line”

I did the lead sheets for Brewer and Shipley when I was starting out in the “biz” many decades ago. I, especially enjoyed the lyric to this tune: “One toke over the line, sweet Jesus, One toke over the line, Sittin’ downtown in a railway station, One toke over the line.” ‘nough said. When you listen you’ll see. Justin and I did this tune just for the fun of it.

“Funkley 19. No. 3”

When in the 42nd Army Band (now defunct, I understand) we once traveled through a town somewhere in Wisconsin or Minnesota. The city limits sign read: “Funkley 19.” Now you know what I had to do just for fun. This is the third version of this funk tune. The first version was for the late Bill Chase at the Kansas City Jazz Festival in the early 1970’s. BTW: Funkley is apparently now also defunct. At least I can’t find it on a map.


Thanks to all the guys who worked on this project. We did it just for fun. And a special thanks to Tommy and Justin who put up with my machinations. Thanks especially to my wife, Sheri, a wonderful musician, far more talented than I, who pushed me to keep at it while we waded through the Covid pandemic and all the problems it brought. So, I hope you have fun listening. After all, it’s just for fun.

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